About RicoRock®: Dealers

RicoRock® dealers are a diverse group of independent contractors who also contract for masonry, tile, concrete, landscaping, pond, plumbing or pool services. Some pool companies install RicoRock® with their own crews on gunite, vinyl liner and fiberglass pools.

Most of our regular dealers have attended a RicoRock® seminar to better understand the recommended installation techniques but many installers have followed the simple installation diagrams and have successfully install Modular Products without training. In some cases homeowners have installed product themselves when there was not a local dealer or the project was too small to be of interest.

Our Preferred Dealers have the most experience with our product and we approve of their workmanship but all dealers are independent contractors, none are acting as agents of RicoRock® Inc. Custom projects require considerable more skill than Modular products and we cannot verify the skill level of everyone who buys our product. We can verify if a dealer has successfully installed our product.


Some of our top installers are:

American Pond
American Pond Location: New Jersey
Owner(s): Kenny, Rick, Diane and Sergio do it all.
Description: Kenny, Rick, Diane and Sergio do it all. They install custom rock features, pool and pond waterfalls and also distribute our product in New Jersey.
AquaFX Location: New York
Owner(s): Jeff Ingrassi
Description: Jeff has a passion for custom rockwork and incorporates waterslides and lighting to enhance the water features.
Aqua-Tech Pools
Aqua-Tech Pools Location: Manitoba, Canada
Owner(s): Glen MacGillivray
Description: Glen MacGillivray and crew have installed Modular Products for over 10 years.
Bellaire Landscape
Bellaire Landscape Location: Ontario, Canada
Owner(s): Mike Bellaire
Description: Bellaire Landscape has installed our Modular Waterfalls for many years.
Coastal Coatings
Coastal Coatings Location: Florida
Owner(s): Mark Hegedus
Description: Mark Hegedus installs creative Modular Products and uses our coping and veneer to give pools an old world look of cut stone.
Creative Rock Formations
Creative Rock Formations Location: North Carolina
Owner(s): Christian Spires
Description: Christian Spires builds outstanding custom projects but also installs standard kits and specializes in pond construction.
Dolphin Pools
Dolphin Pools Location: Louisiana
Owner(s): John Lambert
Description: John builds custom rock with all the bells and whistles and also standard RicoRock features.
Greenwood Landscaping
Greenwood Landscaping Location: New York
Owner(s): Rob Greenwood
Description: Rob and crew install both custom and Modular Products on Long Island.
Rock Springs Design
Rock Springs Design Location: Texas
Owner(s): Tom Bench
Description: Tom does basic installs and custom work. He also travels extensively as tech support for contractors on cast rock features.
Waterfalls by Design
Waterfalls by Design Location: Florida
Owner(s): Ken Gibson
Description: Ken is a 12 year veteran of RicoRock installs, both standard and custom designs. He does some tech support on the east coast.
Westmoreland Pools
Westmoreland Pools Location: Pennsylvania
Owner(s): Gary Pivorotti
Description: Masters at creative applications of standard RicoRock products, Gary Pivorotti has been a long time RicoRock dealer.