About RicoRock®: Products

All RicoRock® products are molded from natural rock formations. Our styles include limestone, sandstone, granite and quartz. Panels and boulders are available in all styles.

Mold Making Process

Cutting Fiber Reinforced Concrete

RicoRock® products are made of fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC or FRC). This type of lightweight casting is less than 1 inch thick but has a high tensile strength. It weighs about 8 lbs/sq ft. You can create a hole in FRC with a hammer but it will not shatter like most cast concrete. FRC can be cut with any concrete cutting tool.

modular-installationModular Products

Our Modular Products are finished cast pieces that are completely filled so they can be mortared together or to a concrete base. They come with a soft color pattern and most installers add accent colors using RicoRock® Acrylic Stains. Installation requires basic masonry skill.

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custom-installationFRC Castings for Custom Work

FRC Castings for custom work are uncolored panels and boulders with rebar and/or wire inserts so they can be wired to a rebar frame or welded to a steel structure. We also have specialty castings including grotto lids and basins to make custom work easier. Custom work requires skills that can only be learned with experience, just like any other trade.

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RicoRock® Accessory Products Include:

waterproofingRicoRock® Waterproofing

RicoRock® Waterproofing, used for waterline applications of coping/waterline or notched boulders and also to waterproof the water course for custom waterfalls. Also used to repair damaged rock areas; it has a bonding agent and dries the same color as our castings and can be colored with our stains.


acrylic-stainsRicoRock® Acrylic Stain

RicoRock® Acrylic Stain, used to color our cast rock and also used on stamped concrete and overlays to tie the color scheme of a project together.


text-matsTexture Mats

Texture Mats for hand sculptured rocks. Our mats are made of latex so they are more flexible than the silicone versions available at concrete supply companies. We can also supply release agent if needed.


rebar-bendersRebar Benders

Rebar Benders are available for custom work, bends #3 & #4 rebar.



Deck O Shield Sealer

Deck O Shield sealer is recommended for hand sculptured areas to minimize calcium deposits and is effective to protect coping during concrete pours and to help with freeze thaw issues.

Rainbow Cement

Rainbow Cement is available for finish mortar that will dry the same color as our castings, making the coloring of custom jobs much easier.

EPS Foam Blocks

EPS Foam Blocks are much faster than forming a free standing waterfall.

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