Frequently Asked Questions


How long will RicoRock last?
RicoRock® products should last for the lifetime of the pool or pond they are built on—for many decades. The texture will age very slowly over many years with normal use because the surface concrete is much harder than ordinary concrete.

What is the difference between Structural and Modular Products?
Modular products are finished cast pieces that are mortared together. Several waterfalls are available as multiple piece kits that can be moved around—so they are called modular. Structural waterfalls have a rebar cage and must be backfilled with concrete. More time and skills are required to waterproof and hand texture some of the water course areas. Both cost about the same installed but the cost is mostly in the product for Modular and mostly in the labor for Structural waterfalls.


What is used to color RicoRock?
RicoRock® is made of an off white cement rather than gray cement so the base color starts out natural. RicoRock® stains are used for additional color; they are acrylic stains that bond very well to our product and other concrete surfaces. Properly applied they will not peel or flake away. The initial color will be fully absorbed as the concrete cures over the first 2 weeks so the color gets a little softer. The colors are stable after the initial set but they will fade gradually over the years. As concrete ages it develops color variations (artists call it a patina) so many RicoRock® owners actually prefer the bleached look of our older rockwork (remember we have been in business 27 years) but it is also quite easy to re-color the castings with RicoRock® Stain if no sealers have been applied.

Do sealers help preserve the color and surface concrete?
In theory they do but they are not practical. Some sealers will make the surface slippery, others will turn milky, all of them only last a few years and all are expensive compared to just recoloring the rock down the road.

How would the stain react to another blend of concrete?
Our acrylic stain is designed to add accent colors or antique artificial rock, but can be used for stamped concrete and other concrete products. It is not to be used as a base coat and then have other colors added. When that is done the lifetime of the coloring will only be a few years at most.


Do I have to use an authorized installer?
No, many installations are done by independent installers with no previous experience. Some have gone to our half day clinics but most just use basic masonry skills and our installation guides to complete the projects.

Can I install RicoRock® myself?
Basic Modular Waterfalls and boulders can be installed with handyman skills but good judgment must be used for the foundation and masonry installation. You may have no choice but to find a handyman to install one of the smaller waterfalls because most of our Certified Installers are busy with larger projects and have a minimum job size.

Why is RicoRock® more expensive than some other products in the market?
RicoRock® might cost more than urethane or fiberglass rocks because it is harder to manufacture and install. If you only plan on using your waterfall or rocks for only a few years and do not plan to sit on them, there are cheaper products out there that may work but will not increase the value of your property like concrete products.


Is there a warranty?
There is a 5 year warranty installed per our specifications, with registration of project and dealer. Warranty limited to product replacement. Removal of existing product and re-installation NOT included.

Isn’t hand sculptured rock stronger and better than RicoRock®?
Steel reinforced concrete is stronger than fiber reinforced concrete but is that important for waterfall construction?

RicoRock® is strong enough for any normal pool use including climbing and sitting on and will last for decades. How thick is the stucco on a house? Less than one inch but no one worries about their house falling apart. Sculptured concrete is a great technique for larger projects that have a rounded granite look but the finish product is controlled by the rock artist and each has his own style. It is amazing that homeowners would never dream of hanging a painting by one of these artists but would gladly let them sculpt 10 tons of concrete in their backyard.

Over the years we have seen many sculpted concrete waterfalls torn out and replaced by RicoRock®. We have never heard of a RicoRock® project replaced with hand textured rock.

What do the waterfalls sound like?
The sheet falls are not too loud but there is some echo if it falls from a cantilevered rock. The cascades like the 24 inch and 4 Ft Double models make more noise, especially with more volume.

How much water volume do each model need?
Our catalog, both on-line and the print version, has recommended water flow.


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