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Manufacturer Limited Warranty

We guarantee our products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship at the time of sale. We will give credits for any blemishes or irregular color that requires additional work for the installer.

Our products are a high density cast concrete; polymer additives make the castings water resistant and less likely to develop calcium like porous cast concrete. Fiber reinforcing gives them considerable tensile strength so they will not break like most cast concrete; a hammer blow will create a hole, not shatter the castings. Other imperfections that are common to cast concrete like hairline cracks, discoloration and small air bubbles do not indicate defective product. Unlike urethane and resin products, our cast concrete products will not break down with exposure to sun and water.

Modular waterfalls, boulders and coping/waterline products are guaranteed to be structurally sound for five (5) years but they will likely last the lifetime of the pool or pond they are installed on. Our guarantee covers our manufactured Modular Products only and does not cover the installation or any unauthorized use of the product.

The warranty guarantees the structural integrity of the waterfall pieces; that they do not break apart, leak or otherwise deteriorate. Areas of concern that are not covered include:

Using poor quality mortar or sloppy mortar techniques. We recommend raking the joints about ½ inch so the boulders appear to be dryset.

Inadequate foundations that cause the waterfall to shift.

Placement of the waterfall behind the pool beam that allows seepage. The recommended installation overhangs the pool so the drip line prevents water loss.

Calcium deposits are typical of artificial rock construction and simply indicate porosity within the structure, not necessary water loss.

Scale build up on artificial or natural rock waterlines is common and can be controlled through good water maintenance. It does not indicate poor workmanship or materials.

If the acidity of the pool water gets extremely out of balance the top film of cement in the artificial rockwork will dissolve and both the color and the texture of the rockwork will be damaged. Re-coloring or, in extreme cases, re-texturing and re-coloring are not covered under this warranty.

The coloring of the rockwork is expected to last for several years and the factory colors are guaranteed not to chip or peel. Coloring applied by the installer is not covered because excessive staining, including “base coats”, is likely to fade much faster than the light colors the factory provides. All rock coloring will fade with time and some people actually prefer the bleached look that old rocks have. Re-coloring or custom coloring of the rockwork is available thru the installer at additional cost. Dark and intense colors will fade more than standard gray or earth tone colors.

We advise caution with the use of sealers because they can make the rock surface slippery and they may cause a milky film to develop on the surface. A sealer like Deck O Shield may help protect coping and hand textured areas from frost or other damage.

Limits of Warranty

RicoRock® will replace a defective waterfall, working with the original installer if possible. We change the waterfall models every year or two and the replacement unit will be the newest model or closest model to the original waterfall. We will ship the replacement waterfall at no charge and shipping terms are the same as the original order.

We will not cover the demolition and removal costs of the defective waterfall. We will not reimburse any replacement costs or other costs associated with the replacement.

We reserve the right to repair the waterfall if practical.

Damage due to intentional damage, earthquakes and other Acts of God is not covered.

Our FRC castings for custom work are not covered under any warranty because they are intended to be backfilled with concrete; the structural integrity is determined by the installer.

Any customizing of our Modular Waterfall Kits is also not covered, such as using the 4 Piece Ledger as a grotto or adding new water sources.

All RicoRock® Installers are independent contractors and are not acting as an agent of RicoRock® Inc. at any time.

We do not authorize use of our product for indoor water features. We discourage the use of concrete waterslides and bear no responsibility for their construction, even if our product is used around the slide.
This warranty is only valid with the original purchaser of the product.

To register your installation, click here to print, sign and fax to 407 857 7360.


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