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A simple RicoRock waterfall/boulder - Under $5,000 installed price. Installed with handy man skills. Sold by RicoRock® dealersModular Products - $5,000 - $15,000 installed price. Sold & installed by independent RicoRock® dealersStructural/Custom Products - $10,000 + installed price. Sold & installed by independent RicoRock® dealersCommercial/High End Projects - $50,000 + installed price. Sold & installed by independent RicoRock® dealersUndecided - I'd just like a catalog for now

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A new swimming pool (I currently have a pool contractor)A new swimming pool (I do not yet have a pool contractor)A remodel of an existing pool (I plan to replaster)Existing pool (I do not plan to empty the pool)A decorative pond

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**By checking the box below I accept these conditions: If requested we can refer an independent dealer who has successfully installed RicoRock® products but we cannot verify the skill levels or business practices of these companies or whether they have the proper licenses and insurance coverage. Please use caution with any construction contract; the Better Business Bureau has some contractor information but more practical information would come from a previous customer so ask for a referral if in doubt. At no time is an installer or dealer acting as an agent of RicoRock®.
I would like a referral to a local RicoRock® dealer and a product catalog.I would ONLY like a product catalog mailed to me. No dealer referral needed at this time.

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