Have you ever looked at your backyard pool and thought to yourself, “there’s something missing”? A beautiful water feature can change that! But what do you do if you can’t find a contractor to install one?

That’s what happened to Homeowner Raymond L. He wanted to add a waterfall to his poolside and create a peaceful, calming space. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find a contractor to install the waterfall on his existing pool!

Turns out, many companies want to build the whole pool AND the waterfall at the same time.

What was Raymond to do except do it himself?

That’s right. He installed the RicoRock 28” Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit himself. As you can see from the picture, he did a great job. The low-profile design has a “ledge” style and creates a sheet waterfall look and sound. Raymond’s is an older version of RicoRock’s current 28” waterfall kit, sitting atop the edge of the pool so that the water cascades softly down.

All RicoRock waterfall kits are easy to install. That’s why, if you can’t find a contractor, you can do as Raymond did and channel your inner DIY-er to install it yourself.

If you’re interested in adding a dynamic element to your poolside, contact us today! We’ll help you choose faux rock panels, modular boulders, and waterfall kits you will love. If you’d rather not DIY, we can connect you with someone in your area to help you create your very own backyard oasis.

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