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Florida Three-Step Pool Waterfall Kit

Even a small waterfall adds sparkle and fun to a backyard pool. Usually, the existing pool pump is diverted to run the waterfall so there is no additional operating expense.

There is a 3-inch lip on the front piece to make the waterfall look built-in to an existing deck. The waterfall is finished on the backside and plumbing is completely hidden.

Our first DIY waterfall kit installs in one hour with construction adhesive. Available with three EggLites and transformer. (5’4″ W x 30″ D x 24″ H)

Weight of kit: 750 lbs
Heaviest piece: 100 lbs
Recommend flow rate: 10-20 gpm

4 Ft Double
4 Foot Double Diagram

Florida Three-Step Waterfall Kit Diagram

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4 Foot Double Diagram

Florida Three-Step Waterfall Kit Cutsheet

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Click here to download our installation guide for modular products.

Installation Video

View Running Waterfall & Hear How it Sounds

Florida Three-Step Waterfall Blogs

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