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One Piece Waterfalls

Low profile waterfalls with lots of water action become the focal point of a swimming pool, and they can be used for seating or play because they are made of concrete.

4 Ft Double
Stairway Waterfall

Stairway Waterfall

The Stairway Waterfall is a simple cascade of water that is an affordable alternative to a masonry waterfall. It is DIY friendly—no mortar needed and there is a large access panel on the back for plumbing.

It weighs 200-300 lbs so it is inherently stable although it can be secured to a deck.

5ft 8in wide x 3ft 10in deep x 28in high

Stairway Waterfall

Harambe Waterfall

Does this look like the rounded shoulders of a great ape to anyone else? Just a small playful waterfall that will add fun to the pool for decades.

70in wide x 45in deep x 24in high

Stairway Waterfall

Caleb’s Spring

This low profile waterfall weighs about 200 lbs and looks good with a low water flow but can handle 20-40 gpm for a whitewater cascade. All of these waterfalls are inherently stable because of their weight but the joint where they meet the deck is usually caulked or mortared.

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