Creative Use of RicoRock Faux Rock Boulders

This picture features two of our faux rock boulders. On the right is the L02 Jump Rock which was modified to extend over a pool track. On the left of that is the L04 which is used as a step up. These faux rock boulders blend perfectly with the natural stone retaining...

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Backyard Oasis in Georgia featuring RicoRock Waterfalls

This swimming pool in Georgia features several RicoRock artificial rock waterfall kits, (5 Foot Triple, 3 Foot Modular, 28 Inch Waterfall, and our 4 Foot Double.) Along with several of our other faux rock products. Photo Credit: Paty R. - Homeowner Contractor: Allen...

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How to finish grout of RicoRock Coping

RicoRock Coping is very easy to work and finish with grout as long as you do it correctly. This picture shows the proper way to finish the grout of RicoRock Coping. Do not use water or a sponge Dry cut the coping Only use a brush to finish the grout

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