3×9 Inch Coping on Fiberglass Pool

The RicoRock 3x9 Inch Coping works very well on Fiberglass pools.  The top image also features our Texas 2 Step Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit. Installed by: Earnhardt Construction, Kernersville...

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[Video] RicoRock 4 Ft Double Artificial Rock Swimming Pool Waterfall

“The customer is beyond pleased with the result, the sound of the water is amazing and very well balanced. The assembly took us about 3 1/2 hours with 3 guys. We are very pleased with the quality and texture of the waterfall. The kit was very workable And looks very real.” – Horizon Hardscapes and Ethan Sutherland

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Two Year Old 4 Piece Ledger Swimming Pool Waterfall

This RicoRock 4 Piece Ledger swimming pool waterfall kit was installed two years ago on a pool in Florida. Nothing has been done to the waterfall since installation and the artificial rock still looks new. Credit: Coastal Coating and Resufacing,...

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