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Colors & Stains

The most natural and long lasting color patterns have integral color in the concrete, both with our product and all other cast concrete. The two primary color patterns are Gray Granite and Limestone. We only use a small amount of a dark stain as an antique effect and a small amount of a Rust color for the Limestone as an accent although it can be left off by special request.

RicoRock Coloring & Stains

Color Patterns

All modular products are available pre-colored or with minimal color so the installer can custom color using RicoRock Acrylic Stains (see video below.)

Integral Colors

The two primary color patterns are Limestone and Gray Granite; mostly integral color that will not fade.

Limestone Color Pattern


Our default color. An off-white base with some rust accents.

Gray Granite Color Pattern

Gray Granite

Medium gray with antique accents.

Other Colors

If a Sandstone or Fieldstone color pattern is chosen we recommend a Sealer like Deck O Shield, available on line or with an order. The water based sealer should be applied a week or more after installation because it protects the Acrylic Colors but also seals the mortar joints, which are sometimes a source of calcium deposits.

Western Sandstone Color Pattern

Western Sandstone

Western Sandstone has reddish, rust & antique notes.

Oklahoma Sandstone Color Pattern

Oklahoma Sandstone

Oklahoma Sandstone has golden amber, rust & antique tones.

Texas Fieldstone Color Pattern

Texas Fieldstone

Strong reddish brown and rust accents with mottled antique patterns.

Florida Fieldstone Color Pattern

Florida Fieldstone

Strong rust accents with black antique tones.

RicoRock Stain Longevity

How long will the color last?

The project on the right was built by our parent company over 20 years ago and has not been re-painted; the owners like the aged patina the concrete has.

We no longer encourage dealers to add accent colors because it often is too strong and is difficult to remove.

All Acrylic Stains will fade with time. The more stain that is added the more the fading will be visible; usually in a just a few years.


RicoRock® Acrylic Stains are semi-transparent acrylic stains that are specially formulated to bond to RicoRock precast products and other concrete surfaces. Thousands of artificial rock waterfalls have been colored using these products in the past 10 years. These are waterbased non-toxic stains that instantly give new concrete a weathered rock appearance. No special training or equipment is needed.

Available in four standard colors:

s desertbrown  ANTIQUE – A coffee colored brownish black and is used to make the rock look aged. The other colors must be dry but the rock surface should be wet when applying antique. Leave the color in the crevices and heavy textured areas but sponge off the excess color quickly or you will darken the entire rock area. Keeping the sponge clean is important; otherwise the color in the sponge is smeared over any surface it touches and it will leave a permanent shadowing.

s tan   TAN – A light beige color not strong enough for an accent. This stain is best used as a base coat for earth tone colors if applied to a damp surface or to soften dark areas.

s rust   RUST – An orange-brown color used as an accent. It is usually the first color applied.

s cresenta   REDDISH BROWN – Reddish Brown is used as an accent for earth tones, sprayed on a damp or wet rock surface. If you apply this color and rust at the same time you can create different shades of brown.


Acrylic Staining Procedures

Check out our stain application video and read below to learn the proper way to use our acrylic stains.

The best way to apply the stain is to use simple spray bottles. For bigger projects, you will want to use pump sprayers. For strong color, spray stain on a dry surface but most of the time it is better to spray on a wet or damp surface. Use a wet sponge to dab away drips before they dry.


SHAKE THE STAIN SPRAYER before and during use. If the stain is not properly mixed the surface will appear shiny and may be slippery when wet. For one gallon and 5 gallon pails that have sat for several months, agitation with a drill and mixer paddle is recommended.

Use as little stain as possible because too many layers of stain make the surface look pasty and will age faster than light staining. Keep from freezing; stains have a one year shelf life.

Our acrylic stain is designed to add accent colors or antique artificial rock, but can be used for stamped concrete and other concrete products. It is not to be used as a base coat and then have other colors added. When that is done the lifetime of the coloring will only be a few years at most.

acrylic stains

Quart bottles are good for several waterfalls, gallons are needed for large projects.

img mod spray

Our modular products come with rust accents and antique applied to the off-white rock.

img red brwn rust

Reddish brown and rust accents make an earth tone color.

Custom colors are available, platinum gray is popular although our products are available with a natural gray concrete color by special order.

Generally, a sealer is not needed and makes re-staining difficult. Most sealers only last a year or less. Using Deck O Shield or similar clear sealer on coping or hand textured areas helps in freeze-thaw cycles and adds some protection from pool chemicals. It is also useful to protect coping during a concrete pour for a deck.


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Stains are available at RicoRock company offices. Shipping and handling using UPS is extra.

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