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Jump Rocks

Jumping into a pool is one of the most enjoyable things about having a pool and a single Jump Rock like the one shown here makes it easy. The surface of RicoRock has a better grip than natural rock and feet first jumping is much safer than a diving board.

danger no diving pool signs l10058 lgWe encourage everyone to post and enforce rules about head first diving since it is not easy to use good judgement when you are having fun.

4 Ft Double
15. Jumper Plus gray

Jumper Plus

The Jumper Plus features a small cascade on one side.

The 2 inch return pipe is hidden with small flat rock, included, and plumbing in backside is hidden with small hollow rock. The bottom edge is 4 inches wide so it can be mortared to a deck. 

15.jumper plus top

Top View – Jumper Plus dimensions: 67” wide, 32” deep, 32” high

Other Jump Rocks

These large boulders below make for good seating or jumping rocks. Both weigh about 250 lbs and have a better texture than most natural stones.

NOTE: Boulders sit level with a 2 inch wide edge on the bottom that can sit on a concrete deck or can be secured with construction adhesive or mortar. Two inch overhang over the pool is recommended; minimum 4 ft water depth. NO DIVING signs needed for shallow pools.


Jump L02

67″W x 32″D x 24″H

B1beauty 1

Jump J1

53” x 41” x 22”

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