All RicoRock® products are molded from natural rock formations. They’re made of fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC or FRC). This type of high tech concrete is also used to clad high rise buildings and for architectural products. Click on a product line below to view more information.

4 Ft Double

Modular Swimming Pool Waterfall Kits

Predictable faux rock waterfall kits that install in 1 – 2 days and last the lifetime of your pool.


One Piece Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Low profile waterfalls that become the focal point of a pool. Can be used for seating or play.


Custom GFRC Rock Products

Our structural waterfall products are FRC castings that are backfilled with concrete over a rebar structure.


Modular Boulders

Faux rock boulder styles include notched versions, standard, submerged, and steppers.


Modular Coping

Different coping styles suitable for concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools.


Accessories for Modular Products

Acrylic stains, waterproofing, cement, and other accessories for your RicoRock® products.

Color Patterns

All modular products are available pre-colored or with minimal color so the installer can custom color using RicoRock Acrylic Stains (see video in FAQ section.)




Our default color. An off-white base with some rust accents.

western sandstone

Western Sandstone

Western Sandstone has reddish, rust & antique notes.

oklahoma sandstone

Oklahoma Sandstone

Oklahoma Sandstone has golden amber, rust & antique tones.


Gray Granite

Medium gray with antique accents.

texas fieldstone

Texas Fieldstone

Strong reddish brown and rust accents with mottled antique patterns.

florida fieldstone

Florida Fieldstone

Strong rust accents with black antique tones.

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