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Water Slide Access

RicoRock® features two modular waterslide access options. Steppers can be foamed filled by special order. They are easy to cut and adapt to any setting. Our second option is the Pre-Cast Staircase. For a flat setting these large pre-cast rock pieces can be mortared to a concrete slab. An internal concrete column provides stability for the top piece and sleeves for hand rail posts are provided. Total height is 64 inches; designed for 15 ft fiberglass slides made by Inter-Fab or Dolphin. Click here for more info.

slide access options

RicoRock® Waterproofing

RicoRock® Waterproofing is a cementious coating used for waterfalls and waterline rock work, applied before the finish texture. Each 5 gallon pail has 50 pounds of powder that is mixed with water and applied with a wide brush. This waterproofing can be used on a variety of concrete surfaces and is designed to mix easily, set quickly, and has a modified polymer to improve bonding–no liquid acrylic agents are needed.

RicoRock Waterproofing

RicoRock® Cement

RicoRock® Cement is now available, 80 lb bags of type S cement. It dries the same color as RicoRock® casting so if it’s used for finish textures the coloring should not require a base coat. It has polymer additives that make it bond better with less shrinkage and fewer calcium deposits.

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