Go big or go home! At least, that’s what they say. However, bigger isn’t always better, when it comes to backyard water features. If you think a large eye-catching waterfall is the only option, take a look at how our 28” Waterfall Kit accents this homeowner’s backyard, without distracting from the gorgeous view! 

This is proof that good things come in small packages is the better approach. 

Costa Pools in Louisiana installed the 28” Waterfall Kit on this picturesque poolside. They chose our smallest kit instead of our larger waterfalls because the homeowner’s backyard view is already spectacular! All it needed was a little support to break up the foreground. Adding anything larger would have distracted the eye from the beautiful rainbow and wide-open space. 

The 28” Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit is a low-profile feature designed in a ledger style. Multiple base pieces allowed Costa Pools to follow the less-than-straight line of the pool’s edge, without creating any awkward overhangs over the pool itself. The modest sheet waterfall adds a melodic soundtrack to the backyard. The homeowner and their guests can lounge and relax to the peaceful tranquility of a natural-looking waterfall, while still experiencing the wonder and beauty of their lovely backyard view. 

And what a view it is!

Have a view you love and want to accentuate it with a waterfall of your own?

Contact us, and we’ll help you pick the perfect waterfall for your space! Not sure how to get it installed? Our team can also connect you with a contractor or dealer in your area who has experience installing RicoRock products. 

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