A big concern for many homeowners thinking about man-made rock is whether it will last or require constant repair and recoloring.

Many products made of urethane or foam deteriorate in just a few years and are almost impossible to restore.

Hand sculptured concrete by local artisans can last for many years, but the surface degrades based on the quality of concrete used. Sealers may help in the short term but even expensive sealers need to be re-applied every few years and re-coloring is harder.

RicoRock products are manufactured with a very dense proprietary concrete mix that has proven itself over the past 15 years with thousands of installations in all climates.

A great forum thread from a few years back on Houzz talks about the reputation of artificial rock in general but the 4th comment focuses on the successful experience someone had with RicoRock product. Click here to read it.

Photo Credit: 9-year-old job using RicoRock products installed by Prestige Pools of Wilmington Inc. in NC.

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