Cenote Pool Inside

RicoRock Treehouse

When it comes to beauty and charm, nature can’t be beat. Take the cenote pool – these natural pools, found deep in Mexican jungles, feature crystal clear water with picturesque waterfalls, overhanging rocks, and local fauna.

Fortunately, we can recreate these awe-inspiring places in your backyard.

Our cenote pool designs are inspired by the ones found in the jungles near Cancun. These pool and cave structures have plenty of openings to allow a fresh breeze, making them great for swimming or relaxing on a hot summer day.

These photos also feature our custom treehouse built with live-edge cedarwood and natural stone removed during the pool’s excavation to give it a natural look. The best part of this treehouse is that it houses all of the pool equipment!

RicoRock Treehouse

Treehouse with Pool

Night shot of treehouse

In the wild, cenote pools are formed when porous limestone bedrock collapses to reveal a secret subterranean world. RicoRock takes a different approach. We build up the cenote pool by backfilling GFRC castings with concrete. Then, we use our GFRC rock products to create a natural rockface, hand texturing gaps to ensure the final product is as picturesque as what you would find deep in the jungle.

Want to have the perfect spot to spend the summer?

The cenote pool is a custom project rather than a kit. They require masonry skills to install, which is why we only sell these products to qualified contractors. We’re happy to refer homeowners to contractors in their area.

Complete the contact form now, and we’ll help you find your perfect pool.

Are you a contractor interested in our faux rock panels for a cenote pool or other water feature? Browse our available styles here and get inspired by our custom products. When you’re ready, contact us for a quote.

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