staircase waterfall 2 scaled

Transforming your poolside vision into reality requires more than just effort. It demands a touch of authenticity that is hard to capture, especially when the goal is to embody nature’s allure. Thankfully, with RicoRock’s cutting-edge artificial rock formations, you’re one step closer to your dream oasis.

This custom waterfall, meticulously crafted from RicoRock’s Staircase and Loveseat Grotto side rocks, bring a slice of the wild right to your backyard. These artificial rocks, when used as a Triple Jump Rock, capture the essence of natural rock formations, all while ensuring they’re suitable for home use.

Though not natural, RicoRock’s Structural & Custom GFRC Rock Products master the art of deception. Made with Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC), they bear an uncanny resemblance to their natural counterparts. Each rock is a meticulously crafted casting, backfilled with concrete over a rebar structure for unparalleled durability.

Not only do these custom artificial rocks charm the eye, but their resilience ensures they’ll last the lifetime of your pool, continuing to provide a stunning aesthetic year after year.

We take pride in not just mimicking nature, but enhancing it in ways that stand the test of time and elements. Whether you are in Texas or the Caribbean, RicoRock stands ready to help you bring your unique vision to life with our wide array of custom and commercial projects.

Looking to capture nature’s magic in your own backyard?

Get in touch with us today to learn more about RicoRock’s custom waterfall and our range of products. Our team can guide you in making the right choice for your poolside project and connect you with experienced installers in your area. Make your poolside dreams a lasting reality with RicoRock.

Credit: Lonestar Fiberglass pools in TX

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