The best part about RicoRock products, in our opinion, is their versatility. When put in the right hands, our waterfalls and kits become the highlight of your summer. Creativity is key, and Coastal Coatings & Resurfacing in Jacksonville Beach, Florida has made installing RicoRock waterfalls are art. 

Just take a look at the Texas 2 Step Swimming Pool waterfall they installed (pictured). 

It’s placed in the corner to take advantage of otherwise unused space. The custom color matches the homeowners’ landscaping, and they’ve used the boulder waterfall to maximize the relaxing sound of cascading water to the pool. 

A family-run company, Coastal Coating & Resurfacing is owned and operated by Mark and Laurie Hegedus. Mark can help you pick out the perfect waterfall for your home. He is familiar with RicoRock’s entire line of products, can suggest various custom options, and will help add beauty to your pool deck, spa area, or yard. 

They create a peaceful, natural setting in the exact spot the homeowner needs it.

Certified and trained for the CTI Concrete Acrylic Resurfacing System and Rico Rock Waterfall Formations, Coastal Coatings & Resurfacing are ranked among the top dealers in the country – for good reason! Just check out their website and you’ll see that they know how to customize and personalize RicoRock’s products to fit the homeowner’s unique tastes.

Their team works with many of the major pool companies throughout Jacksonville and the surrounding areas, installing Rico Rock Waterfalls for new pool construction as well as remodeled pools.

Want to have the art and skill of Coastal Coatings & Resurfacing on display in your backyard? Our team can connect you with a Mark and Laurie to get you started on your journey to a backyard oasis. Live outside of Jacksonville Beach and the surrounding areas? The RicoRock team can help you select the best kit for your backyard and put you in contact with a contractor or dealer in your area who can get creative with RicoRock waterfalls. Contact us today.

Credit: Coastal Coating & Resurfacing, FL.

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