Everyone loves going to the beach. There is just something about sunbathing by the water and playing in the ocean that makes the beach the best summer spot. There is only one problem: you can’t bring it home with you!

RicoRock’s Laguna Beach One-Piece Waterfall puts it right in your backyard.

Inspired by Laguna Beach in California, this one-piece waterfall and mini beach has high hills on three sides of a shelf that is the perfect size for sunbathing or splashing around. Water flows out the sides and over the shelf to create a charming waterfall for your poolside. The sandy finish, seashells, and colorful pebbles complete the beach-like illusion!

As a bonus, you don’t have to shake the sand out of your towel when you’re ready to go!

“We love the water feature! It is exactly what I had in mind! Thank you so much,” writes Pam W, a homeowner who recently added the Laguna Beach One-Piece Waterfall to her pool.

Made of precast concrete, the Laguna Beach One-Piece Waterfall is a single unit, making it very easy to install. Between 330 to 500 pounds, 6′ 9″ wide, 3’8″ deep, and 24″ tall, it may require some extra hands to put in place, but once installed, it will last the lifetime of your pool.

The shelf is sturdy enough to hold adults and children who wish to play on the beach. Its low-profile waterfall babbles continuously, adding a pleasing sound to an impressive focal point. Homeowners can add even more visual dynamics to the feature with small cobbles*.

Do you want a private beach in your backyard? Contact us today! Ask us about the Laguna Beach One-Piece Waterfall or browse our other one-piece waterfall features. Already have a contractor? Ask them to reach out to us to work with them so you can make every day beach day.

*Note: we recommend that all cobbles be secured with construction adhesive to prevent them from rolling around. Construction adhesive is not included.

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