Modular Pool Waterfall Gallery

RicoRock’s signature products are kits of lightweight cast concrete rocks that are mortared together on an existing concrete deck or waterfall pad. Click on the video below to view or an image to view the gallery.

Table of Contents:
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4 Ft. Double Gallery

Perfect proportions for most swimming pools. Five base pieces allow for installation on a radius or a corner.

3 Ft. Modular Gallery

Classic pool waterfall that has a sheet fall with enough water flow (50gpm).

Texas Two-Step Gallery

Rounded boulder style waterfall with a 3 inch lip to overhang pool edge. Cast pieces can be purchased separately.

Tennessee Ledger Gallery

Cascade type waterfall with rounded boulders and ledgers. Available with a one piece Stream Section that gives more depth to the waterfall.

4 Piece Ledger Gallery

Our most popular low profile waterfall design features a 7 ft wide ledger. Available with a lift kit for additional height.

Loveseat Grotto Gallery

Designed for a 4 ft pool climb-out but it can be installed in many configurations. Features a steel reinforced concrete core that is strong enough for all pool related activities.

Small Waterfalls Gallery

DIY friendly kits consisting of one or more lightweight cast concrete pieces that can be secured with construction adhesive or mortar.

One Piece Waterfall Gallery

Low profile waterfalls with lots of water action become the focal point of a swimming pool, and they can be used for seating or play because they are made of cast concrete.

Coping & Boulders Gallery

Several coping styles are available for all types of pool construction. RicoRock Coping creates an old world cut stone look for a pool perimeter and is often used in remodels. Artificial rock boulders can be decorative or used for any normal pool activity. Notched boulders have a lip so they appear to be built into the pool wall.

Stream Section Gallery

The Stream Section has a 3 inch lip that overhangs the pool beam; a liner type stream can be added at the back or a waterfall kit.

Color Patterns

All modular products are available pre-colored or with minimal color so the installer can custom color using RicoRock Acrylic Stains (see video in FAQ section.)




Our default color. An off-white base with some rust accents.

western sandstone

Western Sandstone

Western Sandstone has reddish, rust & antique notes.

oklahoma sandstone

Oklahoma Sandstone

Oklahoma Sandstone has golden amber, rust & antique tones.


Gray Granite

Medium gray with antique accents.

texas fieldstone

Texas Fieldstone

Strong reddish brown and rust accents with mottled antique patterns.

florida fieldstone

Florida Fieldstone

Strong rust accents with black antique tones.

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