Fractured Granite Panels

Waterpark at Westside Tennis Club in Houston, TX.  FG panels installed using every known method: backfilling with concrete, welding to a structural steel frame, bolting to existing concrete walls and free standing castings.  The pictures below illustrate these methods.

concrete backfill
How structure is set-up for concrete backfill.
allthread secure rebar

Allthread is used to secure to a rebar structure.

veneer of concrete wall

Using expansion bolts, yellow lathe holds mortar to hide bolts.

welding method

Castings have threaded inserts for bolts that are welded to a steel structure using angle iron.

yellow lathe

Plastic lathe and zip ties eliminate potential for rust common with metal lathe and tie wire.

IMG 4311

A HUGE waterslide mountain fitted with our FG Panels.

IMG 4360

Another shot from the other side of the waterslide.

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