Our world is full of customizable things that we can personalize to our own tastes and experiences. From the coffee we drink to the clothes we buy and everything in between. There’s something rewarding about making a thing your own, so it suits your unique tastes.

This applies to your poolside, too!

While all of RicoRock’s faux-rock products come in set sizes, shapes and colors, they’re designed to work together. You can mix and match kits, boulders, rocks, panels and even our specialty items so that they combine into your ideal backyard oasis.

That’s exactly what one homeowner did with our Florida Three-Step Pool Waterfall Kit.

Don B. in Pennsylvania selected our Florida Three-Step Pool Waterfall Kit for his poolside. It is a great choice as it’s one of our first DIY waterfall kits. It’s easy and quick to install, taking only about one hour and using simple construction adhesive.

But there was something missing.

It needed an extra boulder on the right to make it really stand out; and a modest stepper on the left to showcase his beautiful potted plant. The end result is a charming waterfall that suits the unique tastes of Don and his family.

“Your waterfall turned out to be fantastic,” wrote Don. “The family just loves it.”

Want to personalize your poolside with easy-to-install mix-and-match faux-rock products? Contact us today! We’ll help you pick from our catalog of faux rock panels, modular boulders and waterfall kits to create the perfect backyard accent.

Credit: Homeowner Don B. in PA

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