Component Grotto

The Component Grotto is a structural product that requires experience with steel reinforced concrete to install properly.

Typical engineering is available but some cities may require wet stamped plans and codes vary (see note below.)

The Component System includes various column and wall sections for the vertical support and grotto sections for the top structure.

A 9 ft wide grotto assembly is available; designed for a 6 ft wide pool seat.

*Mortar (masonry cement and sand mix) should be the best quality available and is available in 40 and 80 lb bags at home improvement stores. For larger projects it is more economical to mix Mortar cement, type S, with masonry sand (1 part cement to 2-3 parts of sand depending on how fine the sand is.

Epoxy or construction adhesive like that used for concrete blocks can be used to set small rock pieces, eliminating mortar mess. RicoRock® Waterproofing also works as a thin set, eliminating the mortar joint.

4 Ft Double

Shown here is an older version of the Component Grotto.

NOTE: Engineering for grottos and caves is required in some cities, mostly in South Florida and California. We can provide typical engineering but not wet stamped plans. Engineers assume any structure adjacent to the pool creates a surcharge and may require a stronger pool wall OR independent footings the same depth as the adjacent pool.
Your structural engineer may take into consideration the total weight of the kit pieces and two yards of concrete backfill which is about 10,000 lbs; over the 10 ft by 5 ft footprint of the grotto that works out to 200 lbs/sq ft.

Almost all cities require a bonding wire to the rebar frame.

Component Grotto Blogs

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