Jacana Wellness Resort in Suriname, South America

Custom RicoRock Waterfall in South America

The Jacana Wellness Resort in Suriname, South America intended to build with natural stone but RicoRock crews were able to create a more dramatic and functional rock feature with our cast rock.  A “happy accident” was the creation of a cave behind the water wall.  A large smooth-faced boulder functions as a slide/play rock.

Pictured below is the before picture along with several pictures of the completed project. 

Jacana Resort Before RicoRock Waterfall
Custom RicoRock Waterfall w/ Lighting at Jacana Resort
Kids Playing on Custom RicoRock Rockwork at Jacana Resort
RicoRock Custom Cave at the Jacana Resort
Closeup of Custom Waterfall at the Jacana Resort

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