Pool House/Man Cave in Virginia

This cave design started out simple enough with just a 12 ft. spa but along the way TV’s, a fireplace, a bathroom, air conditioning, floor heat, an aquarium, bar and waterslide were added. The owner specified no windows, but daylight comes through the swim-out to the pool. There are louvered lights as well as wall fixtures and a fiber optic starlight effect to set the mood in the evening.

The 14 ft. high ceiling creates an open feeling and is comfortable for a couple or small party. Two 400 lb. doors hidden in the rock work open with a finger push and close automatically. RicoRock Construction Management and crews from several of our dealers completed the project in 6 months.

Custom RicoRock Man Cave
Construction - RicoRock Custom Rock Work
Virginia Pool House Slide
Sideview of Slide and Custom Stairs
Virginia Pool House Exterior
Virginia Man Cave Exterior

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