RicoRock Component Grotto Slide 2

What’s more fun than adding a grotto waterfall to your swimming pool? Adding a fiberglass slide too!

In these photos, you can see our Component Grotto kit. Faux rock panels surround the slide, and steppers in the back provide access to the slide.

These products look and feel like real stone, they’re durable enough to stand or climb on, and they’ll last you the life of your pool… but they’re not made of natural stone. In addition, our products are significantly lighter than natural stone.

We use high-quality concrete castings (GFRC) in our grottos, which look as if they are made from natural stones.

Installation of the Component Grotto and slide kit requires advanced techniques and must be performed by a professional.

Want a Component Grotto for your swimming pool? Contact us today, and we’ll put you in touch with someone in your area that can install your new component grotto. Or get us in touch with your pool builder, and we can provide them with information and tech support.

Note: RicoRock does NOT sell water slides.

Credit: South Texas Pools

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