When it comes to the landscape around our homes, it can feel like what’s there is beautiful enough. However, it is possible to elevate that natural beauty into something truly spectacular. Shane from Prestige Pools of Wilmington, Inc used RicoRock’s Tennessee Ledger, Stream Section add-on, and faux-rock boulders for his client’s backyard landscaping.

Shane used the existing hill filled with greenery behind the pool as his “marker” for faux rock boulders. This creates a natural division between the wilderness and the poolside. He could have placed a waterfall along the pool’s edge, but that would have made the whole design feel less authentic.

Plus, it would have blocked the deck.

Instead, Shane took advantage of the Stream Section add-on for the Tennessee Ledger. This addition extends the water’s path, so that the waterfall can sit further away from the pool’s edge. The combination creates a small stream trailing from the base of the hill into the pool, enhancing the found-in-nature design.

It helps that our Tennessee Ledger waterfall fit is molded from rocks sourced out of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This means that the whole kit looks exactly like a mountain waterfall. Only, it’s a lot lighter and easier to install. The heaviest piece weighs in at only 240 lbs. Standing at four feet tall and sitting at 10 feet wide, the Tennessee Ledger’s waterflow can be adjusted depending on preference. Low water flow creates a lazy, quiet stream, and high water flow, an energetic babbling brook.

The overall effect is stunning. Here’s what Shane had to say:


I love your product & am a huge supporter. – Shane, Prestige Pools of Wilmington Inc., NC.

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