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RicoRock 3 Foot Modular Waterfall Kit - Kansas

Southern American homes all seem to include a pool. These pools range in size and style, but they all have one thing in common – they have pool sides. How much poolside you have depends on how much space you have as well as the landscaping of your yard. Sometimes, you can end up with “dead” space – little pockets of poolside you can’t use because of trees or plants.

John F, a Kansas-based homeowner, transformed the “dead” space under the trees into a little piece of paradise.

To do this, he used RicoRock’s 3 Foot Modular swimming pool waterfall kit. And it fits perfectly with the natural landscaping around his pool. Modest and quaint, it adds character to the lost, unusable space under his trees.

John can enjoy the soothing waterfall sounds while he lounges in the summer heat.

Our classic mid-sized waterfall kit, the RicoRock 3 Foot Modular swimming pool waterfall, features a clear sheet waterfall cascading from natural-looking boulders. Natural waterfalls found in caves and other rock-heavy areas inspired this design. Unlike the real thing, though, our faux-rock products are much lighter, making construction and placement that much easier. The whole waterfall kit comes in at around 1,200 lbs, with the heaviest piece weighing a mere 240 lbs.

Installation is easy, and the results are spectacular.

Are you looking to add a little piece of paradise to the “dead” space around your pool? Contact us today! Ask us about our 3 Foot Modular Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit or browse our other swimming pool waterfall kits. Already have a contractor? Ask them to reach out to us. We will work with them to transform your poolside into a paradise.

Credit: John F. – Homeowner in Kansas

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