Ever wanted to add character to your swimming pool? Have a bare, boring poolside that could use something unique? The owner of Pure Florida™ felt this way. That’s why he decided to give his poolside a makeover – with a RicoRock 4-foot double waterfall.

It was the perfect addition!

We sent the RicoRock Construction Management crew down to West Palm Beach, Florida, to install this double waterfall for Pure Florida™. Zayvian, who works on all our construction projects, and Jerry, from the RicoRock Florida office put together this gorgeous feature on the corner radius of PureFlorida’s pool. The cascading waters add melodic, soothing background music, while the realistic rock boulders give it a unique charm.

Even Pure Florida™’s furry-friend Rico loves their new double waterfall feature!

To create this eye-catching feature, we used our 4-foot double waterfall kit. It is our most popular waterfall kit for a reason. Using our faux-rock waterfall kit, we recreate in one day what took nature eons to make. The heaviest piece weighs a mere 240 pounds, making it easy for two people to move the panels into place (as you can see in the photo). Mortar laid underneath gives the waterfall a sturdy base. Any adventurous swimmers and guests can climb to the top and enjoy the sun.

Mortar of Kit

The whole creation is topped with a complementary Swimmin’ Hole sign, provided when customers share photos of their features with RicoRock.

Want to do as Pure Florida™ did, and add a waterfall to your poolside?

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