Pools are common in Florida and Texas. Everyone has one; the challenge is making your pool unique – taking the design from functional to dramatic. One kit that has proven successful for this very purpose is our 5-foot Triple Waterfall Kit (especially with a slide).

The mountain-like backdrop hosts a dramatic five-foot-high sheet waterfall with two smaller waterfalls dancing down the sides. It a breath-taking poolside centerpiece to amaze your guests and give the children a place to play. Or, when set off to the side, it becomes a peaceful, relaxing oasis where you can float in tranquility.

As you can see from the photo, homeowner Cindy E. from TN chose the former!

RicoRock’s 5-foot triple waterfall kit is a time-tested design that recently received an upgrade. We improved the plumbing for the 80 GPM water flow needed to create the robust sheet waterfall. We’ve also incorporated our lighter faux-rock products, to make it easier for contractors to build the waterfall on site. The grotto lid is the heaviest piece, made from steel-reinforced concrete and safe to hold over 500 lbs.

The 5-Foot Triple Waterfall Kit comes with three waterfalls. Homeowners, can request to customize the kit with additional RicoRock boulders and panels, spreading the mountain along the pool to create a truly immersive experience. While RicoRock does not manufacture slides, the kit is improved by the addition of one. We work closely with slide manufacturers to ensure the final product is as seamless and beautiful as possible.

Like our custom products, the 5-Foot Triple Waterfall Kit requires masonry skills. This means we only sell the kit to licensed contractors.

If you would like this kit, or any custom RicoRock design, added to your poolside, complete the contact form here and we will send you more information. You can also request to work with RicoRock Construction Management – we’ll design and build the perfect space for you and your guests.

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