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At RicoRock, there’s nothing we love more than seeing photos of finished projects using our waterfalls and faux-rock products. When the FX Design team sent these photos of the eye-catching poolside waterfalls they’ve installed over the past year, we were very excited.

That’s why we had to share them!

FX Design’s work is completely custom. They use faux-rock panels, boulders, grottos lids, waterfall kits, and more to fit each design into the homeowners’ unique style and backyard layout. The final results are always stunning masterpieces. The FX Design team adds a dramatic visual centerpiece to their clients’ poolsides, one that the homeowners can enjoy to the fullest when the weather’s hot.

To make these custom grottos, the FX Design team used custom RicoRock’s custom GFRC rock products, namely our panels, grotto lids, and steppers. As you can see, these grottos are stunning in both the daytime and nighttime, when the LED lights add to the drama.

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Click here to see more of the FX Design teams’ projects.

We’ve worked with the FX Design team – including their Outdoor Living FX and Aqua FX brands – for several years now. They are one of our RicoRock Dealers – independent contractors who have attended a RicoRock seminar and have the most experience with our products. Custom design and construction with RicoRock’s products, like these from the FX Design team, need an expert.

Want to add some drama to your poolside? Contact us, and we’ll connect you with a contractor, like the FX Design team, in your area.

Are you a contractor interested in becoming a RicoRock Dealer? Browse our available styles here and get inspired by our custom products. When you’re ready, contact us for a quote.

Note: RicoRock does not make slides. Slides pictured were purchased from a third-party company.

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