Aqua Blue Designs Inc. recently joined our growing list of pool-based contractors using RicoRock faux-rock products in their projects. We love seeing RicoRock products used by companies and homeowners across the country!

To date, the Missouri-based pool company has incorporated and installed two of our waterfalls. You can check out their image gallery here.

In today’s featured project, Aqua Blue Designs Inc. chose our 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall kit. It’s a powerful yet tranquil waterfall that tops our most popular kits list. It’s the perfect size for the side of a swimming pool because it is wide enough to span the edge without sticking out like a sore thumb.

As you can see, Aqua Blue Designs Inc. took full advantage of the kit’s versatility, making the waterfall run along the wavy edge of the pool. Multiple boulders act as a base, allowing the kit to be placed along any poolside.

No matter how curved or straight.

The layered rocks create two unique waterfalls: a sheet on the left and a musical cascade on the right. Nighttime is where this waterfall really shines. Literally. Built-in sleeves for LED lights are the latest update to this kit. The sleeves run along every level. It’s a truly breathtaking scene when it’s all lit up, one that is both a combination of natural beauty and modern aesthetics.

The designers also added the homeowner’s unique flare, topping off the waterfall with a decorative fish!

Love the way Aqua Blue Design used their RicoRock waterfall? Contact us, and we’ll put you in touch with them or a contractor in your area who is an expert at using RicoRock products. Our experts are here and ready to help you pick the best waterfall for your pool.

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