• Fiberglass slides have largely replaced concrete slides on custom pools and a wide variety of rock treatments. They are used to make the free-standing slides look built in.
  • Natural boulders are difficult to stack 7 ft high to fully enclose the slide and large gaps of mortar detract from the natural look.
  • Hand textured rock work lacks detail and gives the slide the look of a miniature golf course.
  • Custom artificial rock work using castings requires considerable skill and considerable concrete backfill.


The new Component Grotto System simplifies the process with minimal rock making skills required. Columns that are uniformly 42 inches high are set as needed to create a grotto floor plan with wet and dry areas and openings as desired.

The ceiling/roof structure has steel reinforced concrete for strength and can be expanded by needed to a maximum size of 6 ft by 9 ft.

On-site technical support if available on a limited basis.

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Main Photo Credit: Pools and Spas of Milford, DE.

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