Being an adult can definitely be overrated (like, laundry, bills, and the buck always stopping with you). The biggest reason? Adult bedrooms are so boring.

Kids’ bedrooms get to be bright, loud, and colorful. But as a parent, you also want to make sure there’s enough room to put away things so that you’re not always stepping on stray toys.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of an imaginative take for your own space or just actually have a youngin’s space to decorate, here’s an incredible room idea that you can make using RicoRock faux rock urethane products.

Kids Room Idea: Think Outside The Box

We were absolutely knocked out by how inventive this idea for a kids’ room is.

Using a RicoRock urethane panel, and some inventive thinking, this child’s room was turned into a Lion King-themed oasis.

Our lightweight faux rock urethane panel adds texture and interest to the wall. The quality of the material helps make an authentic-looking rock oasis in minutes, but thanks to the lightness of urethane, it’s ideal for indoor use.

Topped with some stuffed lions, the simple rock piece pictured here produces a great play area for kids, that doubles as storage for some of their stuffed animals.

The room transformation isn’t only a great way to make a room exciting for kids but has proven a huge hit when families stay at this popular Texas Airbnb.

This is a fantastic way to make a space that’s interesting and creative – and since our faux rock panels are hollow in the back, you can use these to hide a storage area, and quickly move it to access the storage.

With a chance to bring the outdoors indoors, your opportunity to create a bespoke scene for your kids’ room is only limited by your imagination.

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