Making full use of RicoRock’s products to create a seamless poolside “look” requires an eye for design. Since all our products, from grottos to the jump rocks, fit together in true mix-and-match fashion… but keeping them in proportion needs careful planning and a splash of artistry.

Luckily, this Jacksonville poolside had Mark Hegedus in charge. 

Mark Hegedus, owner of Coastal Coating and Resurfacing in Jacksonville, Florida, designed this beautiful swimming pool using of our artificial-rock waterfall kits, a grotto, boulders, coping, and various other products. Fitting these big structures into the confines of a Florida screen room and keeping everything the right proportion shows a good eye for design.

Mixing and matching RicoRock products is something Mark often does. That’s why his final product looks so good—he has experience! From the placement of the grotto in the corner and the waterfalls along the side, to the use of boulders and rocks that create a seamless edge, this poolside looks like it could be found in the wilds. Bringing everything together is, of course, the same color pattern found by using RicoRock coloring

Do you have an eye for design?

Contact us today to find out more about RicoRock’s waterfall kits, grottos and other products.. We’ll help you pick the right RicoRock products for your project. Our team can also connect you with a contractor or dealer, Coastal Coating and Resurfacing, in your area who has the expertise and know-how to install RicoRock products. 

Credit: Coastal Coating and Resurfacing in FL

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