Thomas G. of New Braunfels, TX, had a hand textured waterfall built on his pool several years ago. He thought it looked like stacked sandbags, so he had them taken off.

A second waterfall was then built. It was a natural stone waterfall, which leaked and could not be repaired.

Natural stones cannot merely be mortared together and hold water; a reinforced concrete foundation that is waterproofed and boulders placed in a water-tight structure is required.

The natural stone waterfall was removed, and a third waterfall was installed. He chose to go with two RicoRock faux rock waterfall kits – the RicoRock Tennessee Ledger and Texas Two-Step (shown here.)

RicoRock products have been specifically designed to hold water and direct it through the product to reproduce a natural waterfall.

These products are made out of strong concrete that is light enough to ship at an affordable price yet sturdy enough to climb on once installed. Our waterfalls are built to last the lifetime of your pool.

3rd time’s a charm, and this homeowner is happy with his RicoRock waterfalls.

Want a new faux rock waterfall for your backyard? Contact us today to get started.

Photo Credit: Thomas G., New Braunfels, TX

Installed by RicoRock Tech Support

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