The beautiful waterfalls shown here were created with two of our swimming pool waterfall kits. On the right is our most popular waterfall kit, the 4 Foot Double, and on the left is our Component Grotto waterfall kit. Other RicoRock faux rock products were also used around the slide.

The Four Foot Double is a modular kit that can be installed by anyone with basic handyperson skills. Often, we get creative homeowners who just want to redo their pool themselves, or we don’t have any experienced installers around their area. In that case, they can install these modular kits themselves. The homeowner himself installed this.

The Component Grotto is a structural waterfall kit and requires more advanced skills to install. These kits are only available to contractors for installation. A contractor installed the grotto shown here.

This homeowner is delighted with the new RicoRock water features he purchased. Take a look at what he has to say about the products and the experience.

“This company and products are awesome. I did one waterfall feature myself and another grotto and slide with the use of a professional. Stephanie is fantastic and was a huge help in answering questions, explaining the products to me, and getting me information right away. For specific construction questions, Juan was so kind and helpful and really took the time to help me make my dream a reality. In the end, RicoRock made my pool fantastic and fun, and most importantly, the kids love it.” – Homeowner David M.

If you’d like a RicoRock waterfall for your pool, contact us today, and we’ll help you find a contractor in your area who can help turn your pool into the pool of your dreams.

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