It’s no secret that the 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall kit is our best selling waterfall. And by looking at this photo, you can see why.

The reason this waterfall is so popular is that it’s the perfect size for most swimming pools. – It’s not quite as large a grotto, but it’s also not that small.

This gorgeous faux rock waterfall belongs to a homeowner in Orlando, FL. They added a 4 Foot Double to make the pool more fun for the grandkids. What they didn’t expect was that they’d fall in love with the waterfall too.

The relaxing sounds of our faux rock waterfalls will have you wanting to sit on your deck for hours.

“We did this originally for the grandkids but we enjoy it ourselves more than we thought. My husband’s step mother is in her nineties but comes over all the time to be near the waterfall.” – Marilyn J, Orlando, FL

Credit: Waterfall by RicoRock Tech Support, FL for Marilyn J, Homeowner in Orlando, FL

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