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How do you know a product is truly high quality? When the construction company president uses it in his own home. J2K Construction used RicoRock’s faux-rock panels to craft an incredible oasis in their president, Paul’s, backyard.

These photos from J2K Construction show the project from start to finish.

As you can see, they used RicoRock’s boulders to surround the spa, giving it a rustic, natural division from the beautiful inground pool. Custom panels and a lovely grotto add dynamic energy to the pool. Paul, his family, and their guests can explore and experience the grotto’s cave-like privacy. Then, slide into the spa for some well-deserved rest.

And just listen to that waterfall!

Is there anything better than relaxing in your spa to the hypnotic sound of a waterfall?

We don’t think there is.

RicoRock’s lightweight products make it easy to install. All of our panels, boulders, and faux-rock elements are designed so you can mix and match to customize the look and match it to your personal style. This project by J2K Construction is a marvel to behold!

Want to give your poolside and spa a bit more character? Trust the experts – use RicoRock faux-rock products. Contact us today, and we’ll help you choose faux rock panels, modular boulders, and waterfall kits you will love. The experts at RicoRock are here to help you create your very own backyard spa.

Photo Credit: J2K Construction in Florida
Design & Install by Waterfalls by Design, LLC in Florida

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