Adding a water slide to your swimming pool is a great way to introduce an element of fun – and it doesn’t have to be garish. RicoRock’s custom GFRC panels can be turned into basically anything you want, including a gorgeous grotto like the one featured here. They can also be incorporated into any water slide design, adding dynamic visual interest to the poolside.

Make your slide beautiful as well as fun!

Aqua FX, the water-focused team at Outdoor Living FX, did just that with one of their recent water slide projects. Using RicoRock panels to build a custom grotto, the design team enhanced an existing water slide feature, blending it into the poolside décor so it looks like a natural part of the landscape.

The slide itself was not as aesthetically pleasing until our GFRC faux rock panels were added. The panels look and feel like real rock. In fact, they’re modeled from genuine rocks! Like real rocks, our panels come in varied sizes and shapes. What makes faux rocks better, though, is the fact that we can customize the panels to your construction project. And, they’re lightweight, easy to ship, and can be put in place by hand (no heavy equipment required).

RicoRock faux rock panels will last the lifetime of your pool if properly maintained. This means a lifetime of enjoying a picturesque, elegant water slide with friends and family.

RicoRock is a faux rock panel producer. We do not make waterslides. If you’re interested in adding a waterslide to your poolside, contact us and we’ll connect you with a contractor in your area.

Are you a contractor interested in our faux rock panels for a water slide or other water feature? Browse our available styles here and get inspired by our custom products. When you’re ready, contact us for a quote.

Credit: Outdoor Living FX and Aqua FX, NY

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