Waterfalls add personality, style, and beauty to any poolside. It’s an investment in tranquility, one that Florida homeowner Richard R. wanted to add to his life. After saving up for 18 years, he chose RicoRock’s 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall kit to complete his perfect backyard oasis.

“I finally got my 4ft double waterfall installed and stained,” writes Richard R. “I truly love it! Thank you for making a dream come true!” Richard is a disabled vet. He plans to use his new backyard retreat to help with his physiotherapy and pain management.

RicoRock’s waterfall kits, including the 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit, are easy to install and provide a great DIY project for anyone who loves working with their hands, like Richard. “I bought all the stains and sealer from you and did it all myself. It took me about four days to complete,” he says. “I tell everyone about my waterfall and RicoRock.”

This kit comes with four boulders that can sit in a perfect straight line along the side of the pool or follow a curved edge. Richard took advantage of this versatile construction to set his waterfall up along the corner. His creative use of stains added a unique, personalized touch that mimics nature’s beauty.

This is proof that no two RicoRock kits will look exactly the same!

The final product is a tranquil waterfall cascading down picturesque boulders that look so real guests will never suspect they’re manufactured. Each piece is lightweight and easy to move, making it easy for one person to install. The heaviest part of the kit weighs in at 240 lbs. There are ten pieces in total. Each kit comes with a cut sheet detailing how each piece fits together to create the final product.

Richard put it together in four days, working alone – an impressive accomplishment!

Saving up for a waterfall of your very own? Contact us, and we’ll help you choose the best kit for your poolside and budget. If you’re not up to the DIY aspect, we can also connect you with a contractor in your area who is an expert at using RicoRock products. Our experts are here and ready to help.

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