Sometimes you need to get up close and personal to see all the fine details. When you step up to RicoRock’s newest QB Bench, you’ll be able to really admire the PAL LED lights as their glow bounces off the water and the faux limestone. 

It’s a unique ambience that can’t be found in nature. 

Even though limestone benches aren’t a naturally created phenomenon, we used real quarry block limestone as our model. Natural limestone has a gorgeous contemporary look that many people wish they could have in their homes. Unfortunately, real limestone is soft and wears away easily. 

That’s why our newest QB series is such a hit.

Our faux limestone material embodies all the beauty of really quarry block limestone, without the risk of deterioration. Each piece mirrors the natural curves and texture of blocks you’d find at the quarry. They’re dense, virtually waterproof, and safe to climb on. Both the 4 foot and 6 foot QB benches come with optional LED lights; there is a hollow cavity running under the cap just for that purpose. 

There’s a lot to love RicoRock’s QB series (in fact, you can read more about it here). 

Ready to get up close and personal with a QB bench of your very own? Contact us today to find out more about RicoRock’s Contemporary waterfall QB series. We’ll help you pick the right RicoRock products for your project. Our team can also connect you with a contractor or dealer in your area, who has the expertise and know-how to install RicoRock products. 

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