Natural limestone quarry blocks make a gorgeous complement to today’s modern architecture. From the gorgeous pale color to the unique shapes and textures, many homeowners in the US and Canada want quarry limestone incorporated into their pool’s landscape. Unfortunately, limestone deteriorates.

It deteriorates so easily, in fact, that you can’t use it beside a pool. Or in any water-prone area.

We here at RicoRock also love the way natural limestone quarry blocks look. We thought it was a shame there wasn’t a way to get Limestone’s unique look without the risk of the rock deteriorating. Then we realized that was a problem we were uniquely qualified to solve.

Enter RicoRock Quarry Blocks.

Made from the same materials as our waterfall kits, these blocks are molded from real limestone blocks. Each piece mirrors the natural curves and texture of blocks you’d find at the quarry. They’re dense, virtually waterproof, and safe to climb on. We don’t use stains to keep the color as close to the original as possible (though you can request a stain if you’d prefer).

Just look at how beautiful these pieces are.

RicoRock Quarry Blocks are available individually or in waterfall kits:

  • 4-foot bench, including a sheet waterfall and comfortable seating
  • 6-foot bench, including a sheet waterfall. LED Light strip add-on available.
  • Two-piece, including a vertical block with waterfall and bench.
  • Three-piece, including a vertical block with waterfall, bench, and ramp.
  • Simple grotto, including two blocks and one grotto lid.
  • Side by Side, including three blocks and waterfall
  • Architectural grotto, including vertical block, horizontal block, and waterfall grotto lid.

Excited to finally have limestone in your backyard? Contact us today to find out more about our newest product and how you can have it installed.

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