grotto waterfall pool

pool with grotto waterfall

Have you been looking for some eye-catching waterfall inspiration for your swimming pool? If so, let this unique grotto waterfall pool combo be your guide.

Located at the Warren Residence in Florida, this stunning waterfall and grotto combo was built from our Faux Rock Component Grotto System. It makes a fun and exciting addition to any pool and transforms a basic backyard into a resort-style oasis that swimmers of all ages will love.

The waterfall was designed and installed by one of our long-time top dealers, Jacksonville, Florida’s Coastal Coating & Resurfacing.

The Faux Rock Component Grotto System provides you with everything you need to recreate this waterfall and grotto in your own backyard. RicoRock also sells slide enclosures and slide steps. We do not sell slides, but we can still hook you up with everything you need to make the installation process as simple as possible.

The Faux Rock Component Grotto System comes with a variety of wall and column sections. A 9-ft wide grotto assembly is available and is designed to work with a 6-ft wide pool seat.

This system is a bit more complex than some of our other waterfall systems. It requires experience using steel-reinforced concrete for proper installation. Keep in mind, too, that building codes vary and some cities may also require wet stamped plans.

If you’re ready to create a grotto/waterfall combination like this in your backyard, RicoRock is here to help. Head to our product catalog to check out the Component Grotto System today. You might also want to consider one of our other waterfall kits or grottos if you’re looking for a smaller grotto or waterfall.

No matter which option you choose, you can rest easy knowing that your grotto waterfall pool will be long-lasting and provide years of fun for you and your family.

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