ricorock indoor habitat

It’s finally complete! Last spring, we shared progress photos of our indoor habitat construction project in Odessa, TX (check them out here). Now, we’re thrilled to report that the project is done.

And we think it looks great!

This custom project injects a bit of the great outdoors into an interior space by adding a realistic rocky landscape. It transports visitors from downtown Odessa to the mountainside. Our very own Zayvian Camacho supervised and assisted to ensure the final product fit perfectly with what the client envisioned for the space.

Our urethane panels make up the bulk of this mountainous feature. Designed specifically for indoor use, these panels are lightweight, easy to install, and made to last. The hard urethane shell has a foam backing to add depth and create that detailed 3D look you’d expect from faux rock. And as you can see, when it’s all put together it looks someone took a slice of the great outdoors and placed it inside!

All that to say, our urethane panels are what you need to create an outdoor-themed space, indoors. You can browse all of our urethane panels on page 48 and 49 of our catalog. Then contact us to find out how we can help you design and build a piece of the mountainside in your space! We can also connect you with a dealer or contractor in your area who knows how to install RicoRock products quickly and efficiently.

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