Image this: it’s a warm day, and you’re ready for a swim. When you get to your poolside, what’s the first idea you have? We bet it’s to jump right in! Jumping into the pool is, perhaps, the most popular way to get into the water. While leaping from the pool deck does the job, there’s something extra exciting about jumping from a raised spot on the deck.

Jumping from a boulder, for example, gives more thrills.

We have four styles of jump rocks available: Jump Rocks, Jumper Plus, Jump L02, and Jump J1. Wade in the Water Pool & Spa Service has our Jumper Plus on display outside their store. Take a look in the photo! Our jump rocks, or jumpers, are designed to add excitement to jumping into the pool, hence the name. The jump rocks’ surface has a better grip than natural rock (and likely many pool decks) to help jumping enthusiasts have a safe experience, as well as a fun one.

The Jumper Plus even has a small surprise!

On one side, you’ll find a small cascade of water dancing its way out of a 2-inch pipe to land happily in your pool. This, and our other jump rocks, also provide extra seating for guests and friends lounging around the poolside. Or for anyone who prefers not to go in the pool.

We recommend that jumpers and jump rocks be used with swimming pools of adequate depth (between more than four or five feet deep) and that you jump feet first into the pool.

Want to make your pool more exciting? Add a jump rock today! Contact us today, and we’ll help you find the perfect jumper for your poolside.

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