Spa days are expensive and fleeting, but this Loveseat Grotto from RicoRock can bring endless relaxation right to your backyard!

With a soothing waterfall, natural-looking faux rocks and a shady escape from the hot summer sun, this delightful grotto is perfect for anyone looking to class up their poolside. It works best with an existing pool seat, but can also be adjusted to fit a radius for maximum adaptability.

And don’t worry – there’s enough space behind the cascading waterfall for multiple people, so you don’t have to worry about your significant other hogging the good vibes. (You also won’t have to worry about kids fighting to use it, since they can simply share!)

The Loveseat Grotto is a real crowd-pleaser: adults can unwind and enjoy a calming day at the pool, while the higher-energy kiddos can use their imagination to pretend the grotto is a mystical cave or magical portal.

Thanks to #4 rebar and five inches of concrete, this artificial boulder installation also provides a high level of safety, while the steel-reinforced concrete core ensures maximum strength.

Our Loveseat Grotto is a versatile, gorgeous addition to any yard!

Want to see a RicoRock waterfall or grotto in your backyard?

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Installed by Kyle of Waterfalls by Design, Tampa for Thompson Pools, Clermont

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