Loveseat Grotto Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

Want a cozy place to sit behind a waterfall sheet? This waterfall is designed to fit around a pool seat but can be adapted to fit a radius or other application. Side boulders can be rotated as needed; designed for a 3-4 ft wide seat area.

Engineered construction with #4 rebar and five inches of concrete provides a high level of safety.

This kit features cast rock pieces on top and bottom with a steel reinforced concrete core for maximum strength.

The Loveseat Grotto is available with either a 24” or 36” weir.

Weight of kit: 2,000 lbs
Heaviest piece: 300 lbs
Mortar needed*: 1/2 yd concrete plus 300 lbs mortar
Recommend flow rate: 60-80 gpm

*Mortar (masonry cement and sand mix) should be the best quality available and is available in 40 and 80 lb bags at home improvement stores. For larger projects it is more economical to mix Mortar cement, type S, with masonry sand (1 part cement to 2-3 parts of sand depending on how fine the sand is.

Epoxy or construction adhesive like that used for concrete blocks can be used to set small rock pieces, eliminating mortar mess. RicoRock® Waterproofing also works as a thin set, eliminating the mortar joint.

4 Ft Double
4 Foot Double Diagram

Loveseat Grotto Kit Diagram

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4 Foot Double Diagram

Loveseat Grotto Kit Cutsheet

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