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If you had the chance to build your very own fairy tale world in your backyard, would you do it? This is exactly what this homeowner did.

Terry T wanted to create a Mermaid Cove Oasis in their backyard. So they turned to the experts in artificial rocks – RicoRock. They selected our 28 Inch Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit and a Jump Rock and their dream swimming pool came to life.

Here’s what they had to say about their waterfall:

Just so you know, the waterfall was a breeze to install, and the Jump Rock, although heavy, went great.
All in all, we are extremely pleased with RicoRock. The rock features really add to our Oasis “Mermaid Cove.”
– Terry T, Homeowner

RicoRock waterfall kits are cast concrete, so they won’t wear away but are lighter than natural boulders. They can be installed very quickly by a two to three-person crew and do not require heavy machinery.

Our waterfalls look like real rocks because they’re molded from actual natural boulders. We don’t hand carve them as it gives you the most natural look.

Contact us today if you’d like to create your very own Mermaid cove in your backyard.

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