What’s better than one waterfall? Multiple waterfalls! We’ve designed our waterfall kits to complement each other. Homeowners can choose to have just one waterfall kit (and a few boulders, panels and other products to make it unique), or they have multiple, each blending together into one seamless, unified, breathtaking scene.

Mint Landscaping’s Matt C. chose the unified, breathtaking scene!

Matt flexed his creative installation muscles to install three RicoRock waterfall kits on this McKinney, Texas poolside. From left to right, he used the 28 Inch Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit, our popular 4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit, and the 4 Piece Ledger Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit.

Color and stain are the keys to creating a seamless look with multiple waterfall fits. All RicoRock’s modular products (including these kits) are available pre-colored*. Anyone doing a creative installation, like this one from Mint Landscaping, can choose the color patterns ahead of time. We can then prepare the kits with identical coloring, making the final product look like it truly came from the same quarry.

Or found beside the same lake.

Additional boulders can be incorporated into multiple waterfall projects to help fill in any gaps created by the kits and join all three waterfalls together. Modular coping pulls the whole look together. The final result is this marvelous landscape that transports you to a tropical lagoon.

Check out our Creative Idea Gallery for more projects featuring multiple waterfall kits.

Think multiple waterfalls are far better than one? Contact us today! Our team can connect you with a contractor or dealer in your area who has the expertise and know-how to install RicoRock’s waterfall kits.

*We also offer a minimal color option for those installers who wish to color the kits themselves or add additional accents to pull the look together.

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